Adjective, relating to the physical senses as a source of pleasure, especially sexual pleasure.


Verb, to strike with a whip

The whip hand:

 A position of power or control


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Whip and Spanking Workshops


Jonn's Workshop "Sensual Whipping" has been developed over several years of teaching Whip Workshops.  His first inspiration to use a Whip came after attending a Seminar given by Robert Dante at the Wet Spot in Seattle several years ago. The power exchange which he observed being developed and the control and precision required to use a whip in a scene lured him into exploring in depth, the unique techniques of how to use a Whip in BDSM Scenes.

He has discovered that with a good Whip, proper instruction and regular practice, most people are able to use a Whip in a Scene in a very short time. However, to develop a wide range of techniques and sharp accuracy requires more practice and some personal instruction as well. 

There are many people who have helped him along the way and they include Robert Dante, Rooster, Joe Wheeler, Roger Stevens and of course several kind and generous Bottoms. To help others learn to use Whips he has been giving personal instruction and conducting Whip Workshops for about ten years at the Wet Spot in Seattle, the Wet Spot in Paradise Summer Program at the Redmond Ranch, Sagacity  Birthday Bash in Victoria, B. C.,  Canada, Leather Reign, Seattle, WA., Kinkfest 2008,  Portland, OR. , The Floating World, Edson NJ, In The Woods, Bellingham WA, MVK Vancouver BC Canada, Beat Me In Saint Louis, St Louis MO.                  

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..."by embracing the taboo, we allow ourselves to be moved by our primary impulse, beyond Dependence and 50/50 Relationships, and even beyond all our ideas of what an intimate relationship should look like. Our loving is no longer determined by presumed roles in any kind of fixed or fearful relationship. We are free in our loving.

If a man disowns his dark masculine desire for freedom, then he kinks his masculine force.  His energy will not flow freely, and his attention will be bound by unfulfilled yearnings"...
David Deida